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December 2018
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April 2015



Holiday Hours

Easter Sunday-Club Hours 7:30am - 11am Regular Class Schedule


General Announcements


New Member Feature - Join Online Today and Save!
We’re introducing a new join online feature. Now instead of coming into our clubs to purchase memberships, people will have the opportunity to purchase memberships at their convenience from their computer, smart phones etc. Feel free to share the link with friends and family.


Special Join Now Online Offer: $0 joining fee AND you’ll get the month of April for FREE!


Pedal To End Cancer - Thank You!

This has been a record-breaking year at Total Fitness Clubs for both participation and fundraising - 85 participants raised over $33,000 for the American Cancer Society through this year's event! We would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude to all the participants who contributed to the success of this great cause. We're especially proud of Total Fitness Member, Andrea Alexander, who was the Top 'Pedal to End Cancer 2015' Fundraiser in all of New England, for raising $21,000!"

Total Fitness Clubs would like to thank:
All Participants including Total Fitness members, staff, friends and family
John Holahan, of Coca-Cola, for donating all of the beverages
Stephan Brigidi, of Bristol Workshops for photographing the event


Open House Seekonk Total Fitness

Bring your friends and family for this great event! For 1 Day Only, we are offering a membership special of $0 Join Fee & No Dues Until May 2015! Join us for 30 minute Personal Training Demos, Raffles, Shake Prizes and more! Open to the public.

Saturday @ 6am - 6pm, April 25th

Location: SeekonkTotal Fitness


April Group Power Release!

Are You Ready? Prepare yourself for this amazing release with new moves and great music. Our instructors are ready to take your strength training fitness to the next level. Click here to check out some of the new moves! 

Launch Dates:
Monday 4/6 - Bristol Total Fitness, 8:45am & 4:30pm
Tuesday 4/7 - Seekonk Total Fitness, 9:30am & 5:30pm
Friday 4/10 - Dartmouth Total Fitness, 9am & 4:30pm

All regularly scheduled classes will run normally on day of launch.




Tough Mudder Outdoor Training Camp with Adriana Ferns

Ready to tackle a new and exciting goal this year? This is it! This 8-week workshop will prepare you for the Tough Mudder taking place in June 2015. You will be simulating the Tough Mudder obstacle course to help get you ready and nutrition guidance will be given to those who need it. (weather permitting) (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Monday @ 5:45am - 6:45am, Apr 6th - May 25th

Cost: $130
Location: Colt State Park


Spring Into Fitness with Dawn Casella

Jump start your week with this motivational group training 6 week circuit based workshop, consisting of timed stations utilizing the TRX, bands, BOSU balls, weights and more! (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Monday @ 6pm - 7pm, Apr 6th - May 11th

Cost: $100
Location: Bristol Total Fitness



TotalBarre efficiently blends Pilates with dance, cardio and strength training specifically challenging arms, legs and core to strengthen and lengthen the body.

Class Series Times:
Friday @ 7:30am - 8:30am, Apr 3rd - May 8th with Mary Ann Escobar
Tuesday @ 8:30am - 9:30am, Apr 7th - May 12th with Mary Ann Escobar
Tuesday @ 5:30pm - 6:30pm, Apr 21st - May 26th with Christine Jenks
Monday @ 5:30pm - 6:30pm, Apr 27th - Jun 1st with Christine Jenks
Thursday @ 8:30am - 9:30am, Apr 30th - Jun 4th with Melanie Edwards
Thursday @ 10am - 11am, Apr 30th - Jun 4th with Melanie Edwards
Thursday @ 5pm - 6pm, Apr 30th - Jun 4th with Christine Jenks
Saturday @ 9am - 10am, May 9th - Jun 13th with Christine Jenks

Cost: $100
Location: Mindbody Studios at Total Fitness


Jumpboard with Erin Ward

Total body warm-up and core conditioning using the reformer jumpboard. The class will provide footwork, leg toning, and stabilization work for the shoulders, spine, and pelvis, as well as cardiovascular endurance. It will also include light hand weights at times. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Complimentary Demos:
Thursday @ 9am -9:30am, Apr 2nd, 9th, 16th & 30th (max. 6 participants)

Saturday @ 7am - 8am, Apr 18th - May 9th

Cost: $70
Location: Mindbody Studios at Total Fitness


Focus: Your Back with Erin Ward

Say goodbye to back pain! This is a program offered to anyone who either experiences chronic back pain and/or is looking to strengthen the muscles that support the spine. This beginner workshop will focus on five exercises for four weeks. Participants will learn to shift the focus from the front muscles generally overused to the larger muscles of the posterior chain. This will in turn build strength, improve flexibility, correct poor movement patterns, stabilize the spine and improve posture. (Limited to 4 participants)

Wednesday @ 10am - 11am, Apr 29th - May 20th

Cost: $70
Location: Mindbody Studios at Total Fitness


Samurai Sprint Mud Run Training with Stacia Abdow

Have you always wanted to try an obstacle course race but wasn't sure how to train for it? Personal Trainer, Stacia Abdow has got you covered with her 8-week training program for the Samurai Mud Run in July. This program will prepare you for obstacles such as, balance beam, box jumps, rope climbing and many more. With Stacia's expertise and motivation she will get your ready for any obstacle that might get in your way! (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Saturday @ 12pm - 1pm, Apr 18th - Jun 6th

Cost: $130
Location: Dartmouth Total Fitness

 X-Training Plus with James Simmons

This 8-week program is built around the strength and cardiovascular conditioning aspect to building muscle, gaining strength and burning fat. A co-ed program for anyone looking to improve his or her overall fitness and to be pushed out of their comfort zone. Workouts will include many different types of equipment like kettle bells, plyometric boxes, sandbags, rowers, battle ropes and much more. Weekly fitness and nutrition tips will be provided. Let James help you achieve your goals using the latest and most effective methods. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Monday @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm, Apr 20th - Jun 8th

Cost: $130
Location: Dartmouth Total Fitness


Girls Gone Strong with Danielle Barboza

Looking to get started with free weights? Want to improve your form on movements you’re having trouble with? Interested in adding in accessory movements to get off that plateau? Whether you’re already experienced in the weight room, or it’s something you’ve been curious about, there’s a spot for you in Girls Gone Strong! Increase your knowledge and confidence in the weight room with Danni’s help! (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Thursday @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm, May 7th - Jun 25th

Cost: $130
Location: Dartmouth Total Fitness


Spring Fever Fit with Julie Fostin

Catch the fever! Make progress and mix up your routine with circuit strength training, cardio intervals and more. Join Julie for 8 weeks of fun with routines that will keep you accountable and challenged. Including, weekly emails, recipes, along with exercise and nutritional accountability! (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Monday @ 9am - 10am, May 11th - Jun 29th
Wednesday @ 5:30pm - 6:30pm, May 13th - Jul 1st
Wednesday @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm, May 13h - Jul 1st
Saturday @ 9am - 10am, May 16th - Jul 4th

Cost: $130 1x per week, $260 2x per week
Location: Dartmouth Total Fitness


Total Fitness for Women with Stacia Abdow

Total Fitness for Women is an 8-week group-training program under the supervision of our certified personal trainer, Stacia Abdow. The program is for women of all fitness levels who have a desire to be the best they can possibly be. Learn how to make your workouts more effective with workouts tailored to your needs and goals. Accountability and support from your trainer and group will help you reach your goals. Stacia will provide each participant with written workouts to follow outside training times, nutrition guidance for pre and post workout meals, and measurements to keep your progress on track. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Friday @ 5:30pm - 6:30pm, May 15th - Jul 3rd

Cost: $130
Location: Dartmouth Total Fitness


Rock Your Resolution with Stacia Abdow

Stacia’s weight-loss challenge is an 8-week program to keep participants accountable to their New Year's Resolutions. The workout will be designed to be high intensity interval training. Including weekly weigh ins to keep you focused toward your goals. Let's keep those heart rates up and burn some major calories! (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Saturday @ 11am - 12pm, May 16th - Jul 4th

Cost: $130
Location: Dartmouth Total Fitness


TRX & Barbells with Tammy Kappes

This 10-week program offers a full body workout each week with progressions for all fitness levels. The TRX Suspension Trainer integrates strength training by using functional movement and dynamic positions, the barbell is added to develop lean muscle. Senior wellness instructors, physical therapists and our military are using similar programs, to train and rehabilitate. Let Tammy help you reach your health and fitness goals this year! (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Thursday @ 5pm - 6pm, Apr 2nd - Jun 4th
Saturday @ 10am -11am, Apr 4th - Jun 6th

Cost: $165 1x per week, $325 2x per week
Location: Seekonk Total Fitness


Weight Loss Clinic with Walter Medeiros

Participants will undertake a 10-week long program that will combine personalized dietary guidelines for each individual along with a weekly group training session which will help build camaraderie amongst the participants which will help you overcome many obstacles. Also included, weekly weigh ins followed by a “group therapy” session to ultimately lose as much weight safely as well as to allow for the greatest amount of success to keep the weight off. In addition there will be a 30-minute session at the beginning of the 10 weeks used to establish dietary guidelines and workout routines. If you have any questions contact Walter at

Saturday @ 6am - 7:30am, Apr 4th - Jun 6th 

Cost: $175
Location: Seekonk Total Fitness


Mobility for Lifters with Chris Raymond

Join Chris for this 12-week program meeting for two half hours sessions each week. Individuals will be assessed for mobility issues that prevent proper range of motions for various areas of the body. These areas when mobile again can improve performance and better quality of life. Such areas are back, hips, and shoulders. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Monday & Wednesday, 5:30pm - 6pm, Apr 6th - Jun 10th

Cost: $195
Location: Seekonk Total Fitness

Train Insane Level 1 with Lizzie Newton

This group training will take participants on an 8-week journey to accomplish their health and fitness goals. Measurements will be taken at the beginning, middle and end of this workshop to track personal progress. Participants should expect a workshop combining basic body weight training with function movements as well as intervals cardio drills. Keeping the body guessing with each workout will make every workout different while targeting all muscle groups. Working as a team with the same goal; to stay fit and get fitter will keep everyone motivated! (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Thursday @ 9am - 10am, May 7th - Jun 25th

Cost: $130
Location: Seekonk Total Fitness


Colt State Park 5K Trail Run with Jenn Brown

This 8 week program is designed to properly target the muscle groups needed for running; including stretching, strength training, attention to stride, foot strike and of course, running….yes, outside! You will build camaraderie with your teammates in addition to achieving a goal you perhaps thought was out of your reach. You can do this! Race Day is Wednesday June 24th at 6:30 PM. Some sessions will be outside trail runs. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Thursday @ 5:30pm - 6:30pm, May 7th - Jun 24th

Cost: $130
Location: Seekonk Total Fitness

Specialty Classes


  • Dawn’s Flexibility Training Tues. 4/7 @ 10:30 AM (30min)
  • Angie’s Butts & Guts Sat. 4/11 @ 7 AM
  • Dawn’s Pilates for Posture Tues. 4/14 @ 4:30 PM
  • Laura’s Intro to Yoga Sat. 4/18 @ 10:30 AM
  • Leslie's Spin & Celebrate! Francis Jamiel fundraiser Sat. 4/18 @ 4 PM 
  • Mark Kruger’s ‘Biggest Loser’ Spin Mon. 4/27 @ 5:30 PM & Wed. 4/29 @ 5:45 AM


  • Sue’s Specialty Spin Thurs. 4/9 & Thurs. 4/23 @ 8:30 AM
  • Bobbi’s Cardio Kickboxing Core Fri. 4/10 @ 7:30 AM
  • Craig’s Power Hour Sun. 4/12 @ 8 AM & Tues. 4/21 @ 8:30 AM
  • Bobbi’s Cardio 20/20/20 Tues. 4/14 @ 8:30 AM
  • Tammy’s Early Morning Boot Camp Fri. 4/17 @ 6 AM
  • Scott’s LaBlast Fri. 4/24 @ 5:30 PM


  • Lizzie’s INSANITY Thurs. 4/2 & 4/23 @ 6:30 PM
  • Bobbi’s Drums Alive! Tues. 4/7 & Thurs. 4/16 @ 8:30 AM
  • Lizzie’s Spinning through the Decades Wed. 4/8 @ 5:30 PM (75min)
  • Christie’s Intro to Spin Sat. 4/18 @ 10:15 AM
  • Christie’s Race Day Spin Thurs. 4/30 @ 5:30 PM


  • Carrie’s Specialty Spin Fri. 4/10 & Fri. 4/24 @ 9 AM
  • Dawn’s Dance & Sculpt Sat. 4/11 @ 10 AM
  • Wendy’s Intro to Spin Thurs. 4/16 @ 5:30 PM
  • Laura’s Vinyasa Yoga Sun. 4/19 @ 10:30 AM

Members that Inspire Us

Maggie McDonald joined Bristol Total Fitness in November 2011. Last year she decided she was going to get serious about fitness and lost 25 pounds! Maggie also started to train for her first half marathon. She promised herself if she completed the half, she would spend money on personal training. Maggie completed her first half in July 2014, and began training with our personal trainer Alex Amaral in August. She ran her second half in September 2014, and shaved 25 minutes off her time! Maggie also takes Group Power and Spin classes. Congratulations Maggie! Not only are you faster and stronger, but you look fabulous as well! Keep up the great work!


Tracie MacDonald has been a member of Swansea Total Fitness since 2011, although she has been coming on a more consistent basis for the past year. Her favorite workout is Tonja’s Cardio Chisel Class. When Tracie started running about 5 years ago, her goal was to run a 5k by the time she was 40. She accomplished that goal and is now working toward running a half marathon. Presently she is on target in the 6th week of a 12-week half marathon training program. Congratulations Tracie and keep up the great work!


Karen Cox has been a member of Seekonk Total Fitness since May of 2010. Her goals have always been to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle. She decided to change her lifestyle by becoming a participant in Walter’s Weight Loss Challenge and has lost a total of 29.2 lbs so far! What keeps her motivated is how great she feels about herself, her love of spin classes, and how healthy she has become. When Karen isn’t at the gym she is at the ice hockey rink watching her two daughters and son play! Your motivation and consistency are an inspiration to all of us and keep up all your hard work!


Edi Lauderdale has been a member of Dartmouth Total Fitness since April 2010. You can find her at the gym once a week working out with her personal trainer, Shaun. Edi says, he gives her a variation of exercises she feels is right for her. When asked if she has/had any success stories, Edi says, “She’s just 87 and in good health!!” Edi keeps healthy by staying active, reading a lot and swimming in the summer. She enjoys coming to the gym because she always feels welcome. All of us at DTF would like to congratulate Edi on being our Member of the Month.



Monthly Member Offer

First Tee Real Estate 

Russell Guerriero is the owner /broker of First Tee Real Estate. He is a member at Swansea Total Fitness. Russell has volunteered many hours to improving our local community by serving on boards such as People Inc., Fall River Chamber of Commerce, and The United Way. In his 10 years in the industry, Russell has helped families and business owners purchase, sell, and manage transactions for multi families, single families and condominiums, including land, residential and commercial properties. 

Offer: First Tee Real Estate and Russell Guerriero are offering a free consultation and property valuation for all Total Fitness Members

Contact Information:
134 Wilbur Ave
Swansea, Ma 02777

Interested in advertising an offer, specifically for our members, in our newsletter?  Contact Mark Garganta at or call 508-679-9793.