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December 2018
Check out all that’s going on at Total Fitness Clubs for the month of December. New Programs, Specialty Classes, Members-of-the-Month and more! Click Here.


Christmas Holiday Hours
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Club Wide Toy Drive
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July 2016

Monthly Member Offer

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Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours for Bristol Total Fitness
July 3rd: Regular Club Hours
Classes will run normally

July 4th: Closed

Holiday Hours for Swansea, Seekonk and Dartmouth Total Fitness
July 3rd: Regular Club Hours 
Classes will run normally

July 4th: 7am - 11am
All classes & babysitting cancelled


General Announcements


Join Online Today and Save!  join online

Now instead of coming into our clubs to purchase memberships, people will have the opportunity to purchase memberships at their convenience from their computer, smart phones, etc. Feel free to share the link with friends and family.

July Online Offer: Join for $4 to Celebrate the 4th of July!


Pilates Studio @ Bristol Total Fitness

We are happy to announce that Mind Body Studios @ Total Fitness will be merging with Bristol Total Fitness. This merger will enable us to better serve your needs both online and in studio. Click here to view the class schedule. Click here to sign up for a MyClub account to pay for classes. If you have any questions please email or call the BTF front desk at 401-254-3900.

4th Annual Free Boot Camp at Independence Park with Adriana Ferns

Bristol Total Fitness and Bristol Parks and Recreation are teaming up to create a healthier community. Join Adriana for this free boot camp, open to the public. Bring your friends and family! Enjoy the fresh outdoors and downtown Bristol!

Saturday @ 7:30am - 8:30am, Jun 11th - Sep 24th

Location: Independence Park, Bristol

July Group Power Release!

Are You Ready? Prepare yourself for this amazing release with new moves and great music. Our instructors are ready to take your strength training fitness to the next level. Click here to check out some of the new moves!

Launch Dates:
Bristol Total Fitness, Monday - Jul 11th @ 8:45am & 4:30pm
Seekonk Total Fitness, Tuesday - Jul 12th @ 9:30am & 5:30pm
Dartmouth Total Fitness, Monday - Jul 11th @ 5:30pm & Tuesday - Jul 12th @ 9am

All regularly scheduled classes will run normally on day of launch.


Bristol Total Fitness Blood Drive

Bristol Total Fitness is hosting a Blood Drive for the Rhode Island Blood Center. The blood center distributes blood products to hospitals in Rhode Island and Southern New England. Don't forget to bring your drivers license or another form of ID when you donate. For your generous donation, you will receive a FREE Shake.

Thursday @ 4pm - 8pm, Jul 21st

Location: Bloodmobile at Bristol Total Fitness




Fat Loss Fit Camp with Dave Parker

Join Dave for this 8-week program that will help you gain strength and lose body fat. Group training circuit workouts will include a variety of equipment such as: free weights, kettlebells, medicine balls and more. Personal nutritional coaching with weigh-ins and body fat testing at the beginning and end to measure strength as well as endurance gains. Dave will encourage you to push yourself! Know it won't be easy, but it will be worth it. (min. 3 max. 10 participants)

Wednesday @ 9am - 10am, Jul 6th - Aug 24th
Friday @ 9am - 10am, Jul 8th - Aug 26th

Cost: $130
Location: Bristol Total Fitness


Roll & Glide with Dawn Casella

Join Dawn for this 4-week innovative program to roll, glide and stretch your way to a better body. You will be instructed through a series of full body exercises that will lengthen and strengthen your muscles. This workout will improve overall wellness in your entire body. All fitness levels welcome.  (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Monday @ 6pm - 7pm, Jul 11th - Aug 1st
Monday @ 6pm - 7pm, Aug 15th - Sep 12th

Cost: $70
Location: Bristol Total Fitness


Family Fitness with Adriana Ferns

This 6-week workshop is designed for families looking to have fun together while learning the basics about nutrition and exercise. Adriana will emphasize the importance of quality nutrition along with discussions about healthy meals and snack options. Parent-Child partner workouts will keep fitness fun, creating a foundation for life long healthy habits.  (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Thursday @ 4:30pm - 5:30pm, Jul 14th - Aug 18th

Cost: $99
Location: Bristol Total Fitness


TRX Suspension Training with Adriana Ferns

Break out from your old routine and join Adriana for this 6-week program. TRX is a form of suspension training used to perform total body workouts with exercises that engage your core, while using your own bodyweight for resistance. Adriana will use TRX to take your resistance training to a new level through functional and dynamic movements, perfect for any age and any fitness level. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Wednesday @ 6am - 7am, Jul 20th - Aug 24th

Cost: $99
Location: Bristol Total Fitness


Summer Sizzle at Colt State Park with Adriana Ferns

This 4-week program, with certified personal trainer Adriana Ferns, is an outdoor total body workout with everything from running, plyometrics, to partner and equipment exercises. In just an hour you can really take your fitness to the next level. Take advantage of the weather and start the day off right. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Monday @ 5:45am - 6:45am, Aug 1st - Aug 22nd

Cost: $70
Location: This workshop will meet at the statue opposite the pier at Colt State Park in Bristol.


Rock Your Resolution with Stacia Abdow

Stacia’s weight-loss challenge is an 8-week program to keep participants accountable to their New Year's Resolutions. The workout will be designed to be high intensity interval training. Including weekly weigh-ins to keep you focused toward your goals. Let's keep those heart rates up and burn some major calories! (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Saturday @ 11am - 12pm, Jul 2nd - Aug 20th

Cost: $130
Location: Dartmouth Total Fitness


Fit Body Bootcamp with Stacia Abdow

This 6-week program will offer you a challenging total body workout designed to burn maximum fat and calories. Your training will include various types of equipment along with nutritional guidance, weekly recipes and fit tips. Stacia will help you achieve your fitness goals and build your confidence. All fitness levels welcome.

Thursday @ 5pm - 6pm, Jul 7th - Aug 11th

Cost: $99
Location: Dartmouth Total Fitness

X-Training Plus with James Simmons

This 8-week program is built around the strength and cardiovascular conditioning aspect to building muscle, gaining strength and burning fat. A co-ed program for anyone looking to improve his or her overall fitness and to be pushed out of their comfort zone. Workouts will include many different types of equipment like kettle bells, plyometric boxes, sandbags, rowers, battle ropes and much more. Weekly fitness and nutrition tips will be provided. Let James help you achieve your goals using the latest and most effective methods. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Monday @ 6:30pm - 7:30pm, Jul 11th - Aug 29th

Cost: $130
Location: Dartmouth Total Fitness


Fever Fit with Julie Fostin

Catch the fever! Make progress and mix up your routine with circuit strength training, cardio intervals and more. Join Julie for 8 weeks of fun with routines that will keep you accountable and challenged. Including, weekly emails, recipes, along with exercise and nutritional accountability! (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Wednesday @ 5:30pm - 6:30pm, Jul 13th - Aug 31st
Saturday @ 9am - 10am, Jul 16th - Sep 3rd

Cost: $130
Location: Dartmouth Total Fitness


Total Fitness Kids with Stacia Abdow

Schools out, the spring sport season is over and you are looking for options, on how to keep your kids in top shape for the Fall. Personal Trainer, Stacia Abdow has the answer with her Total Fitness Kids program. This 6 week cross-training program is created to keep kids fit and healthy through the summer months by working outside with battle ropes, agility ladders, sprint training and so much more. Let Stacia help you make training fun during the off-season. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Wednesday @ 10am - 11am, Jul 13th - Aug 17th
Friday @ 9am - 10am, Jul 15th - Aug 19th

Cost: $99 1x per week, $179 2x per week
Location: Dartmouth Total Fitness


Woman of Steel with Walter Medeiros

Join this 8-week progressive strength-training program for women focusing on all aspects of fitness including: cardiovascular & muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and body composition. Participants will enjoy the camaraderie of working with a group in a fun and encouraging atmosphere to achieve results. Workouts will consist of weight, balance and flexibility training with cardio intervals to focus on core strength. All fitness levels welcome. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Saturday @ 7am - 8am, Aug 6th - Oct 1st
Friday @ 9:30am - 10:30am, Aug 19th - Oct 14th
Saturday (DTF) @10am - 11am, Aug 20th - Oct 15th
Monday @ 9:30am - 10:30am, Aug 29th - Oct 24th
Wednesday @ 9am -10pm, Aug 31st - Oct 26th

Cost: $130
Location: Seekonk Total Fitness


Weight Loss Clinic with Walter Medeiros

Participants will undertake an 8-week long program that will combine personalized dietary guidelines for each individual along with a weekly group training session which will help build camaraderie amongst participants which will help you overcome many obstacles. Also included, weekly weigh-ins followed by a “group therapy” session to ultimately lose as much weight safely as well as to allow for the greatest amount of success to keep the weight off. (min. 3 max. 12 participants)

Saturday @ 6am - 7am, Jul 30th - Sep 24th

Cost: $130
Location: Seekonk Total Fitness 


TRX with Tammy Wilde

Looking to spice up your workout with some new moves? Join Tammy for this 8-week program that will get you the results to look your best. High intensity interval training workouts will include: Bodyweight training with the TRX, bands and light weights along with cardio and core for that extra calorie burn. Breaking out of your normal routine + consistency = results. All fitness levels welcome. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Thursday @ 6pm - 7pm, Jul 21st - Sep 8th
Saturday @ 9:30am - 10:30pm, Jul 23rd - Sep 10th

Cost: $130
Location: Seekonk Total Fitness 


Summer Shred with Tony Quintanilha

Participants will take part in an 8-week program designed to burn fat to get you summer ready. Let Tony help you reach your fitness goals with individual dietary guidelines, body comp checks and weekly weigh-ins. Enjoy a balanced program with fun and exciting workouts each week that will keep you coming back for more. (min. 3 max. 5 participants)

Monday @ 6pm - 7pm, Jul 11th - Aug 29th
Wednesday @ 6pm - 7pm, Jul 13th - Aug 31st
Friday @ 6pm - 7pm, Jul 15th - Sep 2nd

Cost: $130
Location: Swansea Total Fitness


Fabulass Fanny with Rebecca Coccia

Join Rebecca for her 8-week progressive strength-training program to build a lean and strong lower body. Workouts will include a balance of free weights and bodyweight training along with nutritional guidance to help you reach your goals. Enjoy a teamwork atmosphere that will help you gain confidence to achieve overall wellness. All fitness levels welcome. (min. 3 max. 6 participants)

Monday @ 9am -10am, Jul 11th - Aug 29th
Thursday @ 9am - 10am, Jul 14th - Sep 1st
Friday @ 4pm - 5pm, Jul 15th - Sep 2nd

Cost: $130
Location: Swansea Total Fitness

Specialty Classes


  • Leslie’s Colt State Park Boot Camp Sun. 7/10 @ 8:30 AM
  • GROUP POWER July ’16 Launch!
    • Mon. 7/11 @ 8:45 AM & 4:30 PM
  • Adriana’s BOSU / Gliders Thurs. 7/14 & 7/28 @ 8 AM
  • Nikki’s Pilates Barre Fri. 7/15 & 7/29 @ 8 AM
  • Angie’s Upper Body Blitz Tues. 7/19 @ 4:30 PM (45min)
  • Peggy, Ruth & Leslie’s Specialty Spin Fri. 7/29 @ 5:30 AM (90min)


  • Jean’s Step Tues. 7/12 @ 8:30 AM
  • Sue A’s Core Spin Thurs. 7/14 AM (90min)
  • Donna’s Arms, Abs & Cardio Tues. 7/19 @ 8:30 AM
  • Sue G’s Race Day Spin Thurs. 7/21 @ 8:30 AM
  • Sue A’s Sculpt & Spin Thurs. 7/28 @ 8 AM


  • Tammy’s 4th of July Spin Tues. 7/5 @ 8:30 AM
  • GROUP POWER July ’16 Launch!
    • Tues. 7/12 @ 9:30 AM & 5:30 PM
  • Lizzie’s Summertime Spin Wed. 7/13 @ 5:30 PM (75min)
  • Laurie’s Butts & Guts Thurs. 7/14 @ 4:30 PM
  • Laurie’s Specialty Spin Thurs. 7/14 @ 5:30 PM
  • Nicole’s Yoga Sat. 7/16 & 7/30 @ 9 AM
  • Tammy’s Cardio Kettlebell Thurs. 7/21 @ 4:30 PM
  • Tammy’s Sculpt & Spin Thurs. 7/28 @ 5 PM


  • Donna’s Barre Above Sat. 7/9 & 7/30 @ 10 AM
  • GROUP POWER July ’16 Launch!
    • Mon. 7/11 @ 5:30 PM
    • Tues. 7/12 @ 9 AM
  • Carrie’s Early Morning Run in the Park Fri. 7/15 @ 5:30 AM
  • Julia’s Intro to Spin Sat. 7/16 @ 9:15 AM
  • Dawn’s ZUMBA Tues. 7/19 @ 5:30 PM

Members that Inspire Us


Dennis Headrick has been a member of Bristol Total Fitness since August of 2012. He attends the gym 5 days a week and tries to get in two workouts a day. One session is cardio and the other is weight training. Dennis is a huge fan of the Jacob’s Ladder and prefers that over any other cardio machine in the gym. His motto is “The body achieves what the mind believes!” and upon entering the gym it’s “all sweat and less talk." When asked what he likes about the gym he said, “The gym staff is very friendly.” Congrats Dennis and keep up the great work!


Alexa Swist has been a member at Swansea Total Fitness since February 2016. She comes to the gym 4-5 days a week and her favorite class is Kelly’s Saturday morning Yoga. Alexa trains with Tony Quintanilha three times a week. She says, “Tony has guided me physically and mentally in the right direction. I have recently been able to complete three sets of incline bench presses. Four months ago I wasn’t even able to complete a full rep without the help of Tony!” Non-scale victories are what help keep her motivated, Alexa knows results, big or small, will come. Keep up the good work Alexa! We are all proud of you!


Greg DeSilva has been a member of Seekonk Total Fitness since 2009. You can find Greg at the gym at least 5 times a week. He enjoys working out with his buddy Colton Gouveia. Greg likes coming to the gym because the staff is friendly and makes the best shakes. When he isn’t getting gains, he likes to do anything outdoors like snowboarding, fishing, hiking, and dirt biking. Keep hitting the gym hard, Greg, it’s paying off!


Cheryl has been a member of Dartmouth Total Fitness since 2012. She attends the gym about 5-6 times per week. Cheryl's favorite group fitness classes are Group Power, Tabata, Cardio Chisel, Spinning, and Fever Fit. Her fitness tip is to listen to your body. “Because of my exercise habits, I was able to get through and recover from open heart surgery with no complications. The staff is great! They make exercise fun. I’ve grown very close to some of the staff, as well as the members. I don’t know what I would do without the encouragement of my gym family!" One of her favorite quotes is, “keep on keeping on!” Thank you and congratulations Cheryl!