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08 Jul

Reserve a Class!                           MEMBER LOGIN

Total Fitness Motion Vibe Reservation System

COVID19 State Guidelines & Restrictions
Due to COVID19 Total Fitness Clubs will need to limit the number of participants in each class. Therefore, we are requiring you to sign up for classes through our member portal.

Registering for a Motion Vibe Account is Quick & Easy!

Members will need to set up an account within the Total Fitness Motion Vibe Member Portal in order to sign up for classes.

How to set up an account on Motion Vibe. Click Here to get started.

Once you are on the Total Fitness Motion Vibe page, under the blue button you will see “Need an online member account or forgot your password?” Click the SIGN UP NOW link.

  1. Enter your First Name
  2. Enter your Last Name
  3. Enter your Total Fitness Key Tag number
  4. Click Continue
  5. Create a Username
  6. Create a Password
  7. Confirm your Password
  8. Click Continue
  9. Enter your Birthday
  10. Enter your Email
  11. Choose your home club
  12. Click Continue
  13. Click “LET’S GO”


How to register for a class

  1. Login to your Total Fitness Motion Vibe Account.
  2. Go to Club Activity
  3. View Week
  4. You will be able to register for classes 24 hours prior to the class.
  5. Click Register (Once you have clicked register you will receive a notice confirming you are registered for the class.)
  6. Click “Got It!”

If you are unable to attend a class please unregister to give another member the opportunity to take the class.

How to Unregister for a class

  1. Login to your Total Fitness Motion Vibe Account.
  2. Go to Club Activity
  3. View the class you would like to unregister from.
  4. Click Unregister
  5. Click Ok

If you have any problems signing up call us at Bristol Total Fitness 401-254-3900, Swansea Total Fitness 508-679-9793, Dartmouth Total Fitness 508-995-5600

03 Apr

Come Check Us Out! Total Fitness is Celebrating its 17th Anniversary and we want you to bring your friends and family to this event open to the public.